Chris Smith

They call me "Schmitty"

I'm a technologist, software developer, husband, and father to 3 awesome kids in Travelers Rest, SC (just outside of Greenville). I love all kinds of technology and seeing how it can be harnessed to solve problems in the small and problems in the large. I'm using this as my repository for my blog, personal projects, and resume so if you're here, you're probably looking for one of those things. Check them out in the links below.


The code for some of these will be on my Github account, although there are some that I can't open source right now but I'd still like to talk about them.


My thoughts and ramblings. Who wouldn't want to hear that?


You might want to hire me. If you let me work remotely, let me use the tools I like, and pay me well, you definitely want to hire me. Check out my history and qualifications here.